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Selling dreams | 2019

I love traveling and I love my job. Maybe because my job is to write about traveling. Here are short descriptions inspired by my top two travels.

Active vacation in the mountains of Morocco

Except for the colorful mosaic and the aromatic mint tea this Northafrican country is known for the large mountain range that snakes its way through the flawless nature. The Atlas Mountains is a stunning sight and an adventure just waiting to be explored.

This journey begins in busy Marrakech at a charming local Riad; at this location you’ll get marroccan vibes and food in colorful surroundings. From Marrakech you’ll furthermore have the chance of wheel spinning in the deep orange desert on quad bikes, enjoy a relaxing trip on a camel's back og make your way out on a moderate trek at the foot of the Altas Mountains in Ourika Valley.

From Marrakech the trip continues to Imlil, a small charming mountain village in the middle of the huge mountain range. Here you’ll get commend on a 5 day guided mountain climbing with accomodations in small berber villages on the way, with the opportunity of the perfect selfie on the top.

This trip is handmade for the active traveller seeking adrenaline kicks.

Experience magical Kenya and Zanzibar

It’s hard to say Kenya without immediately following up by saying safari. This is exactly why this trip, alongside a visit to a Masai village and trekking by the scenic Mount Kenya, offers Kenya's undeniable trademark: Safari.

Masai Mara is a large safari park offering the chance of spotting Africa's Big Five from the four-wheel drive on the orange and green plains, accommodation in huts guarded by the Masai, and even the possibility of stepping into the neighbouring country of Tanzania by the border running through the parks rough landscape.

Have you reached your quota of savannah and wild animals, this trip offers a getaway to the sandy paradise beaches of Zanzibar. Here awaits a relaxing mini vacation with colourful drinks, hammocks and a light sea breeze blowing through your hair.

This trip is handmade for the adventurous traveller appreciating unique experiences in nature.

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